Brace yourselves, Google is here with another soft that will help entrepreneurs watch how well their website performs on smartphone/tablet. It will be easier to track their traffic. Before, specific portable testing device and/or page speed testing tool had to be set up.

Testmysite (TMS), Google’s new soft, will check every aspects of your mobile site friendliness. It will specifically provide the following conclusions :

  • Get every one of the “three scores” (see below) on the same page ;
  • Google will email you an extended report to share with your webmaster ;
  • A score from 0 to 100  on how mobile friendly is your website.

The “three scores” are :

  • Mobile friendliness: This is the nature of clients’ experience when surfing on their smartphone/tablet. In order to do so, your website should have easy-to-tap buttons and most relevant information on the first page ;
  • Mobile Speed: This is the time taken for your website to be loaded on a smartphone/tablet. Delays means clients might go on other websites ;
  • Desktop speed:  This is the time taken for your website to be loaded on a desktop. Besides your client’s’ connection, components of your website are majors in loading time.


As you scroll down on TMS’ page, you’ll get more hints on most proficient methods to increase your website speed & friendliness on smartphone/tablet.

Finally, within the next 24 hours, Google will send you a detailed report explaining problems and suggesting solutions.

Another free tool from Google to help SME get in the digital business !

Have fun !


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